English Avenue content

English Avenue content
• Role of English language in the world: Countries where English is spoken.
• Canada and its heritage
• United Kingdom : history, customs, humor and much more
• Australia and Oceania : history, traditions, humor and etc
• Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Reggae, Country –world’s favorites’.
• Blues, Jazz : Famous legends, trends and differences
• American versus Royal English
• Kings, queens, presidents – role in history.
• USA: Customs ,traditions, way of life (American dream, values and holidays)
• Work and travel issues and how not to fail.
• Лучшие курсы делового английского языка в России
a CV , Job interview tips
• Cultural differences: USA, Russia, UK
• Top US and UK colleges. How to get accepted
. Tips how to succeed in writing an .
• Culture Shock: Myth or reality!
• Baby boomers and where is the secret about its affects.
• Youth culture: R&B, Hip Hop, new trends in everyday life.
• Money! Important issues and how to save. Financial capitals of the world.
• UK Rock heritage (Queen, Deep Purple, AC/DC,)
• Motown – an unknown label in Russia.
• Homage to stardom: Diana Ross, Gloria Gaynor, Michael Jackson and Many, many more!
• Beatles- MUSIC REVOLUTION (Beatles: Love lyrics ;Liverpool – city of many contrasts)
• Elvis Presley- The unhappy King of Rock?
• Michael Jackson-10 top moments in life of the king of Pop!
• The Golden Age in America: The roaring 20’s:
• “Great Gatsby” – an insight into the Jazz age.
• World economic crisis: aftereffects: global survey –rich countries shift! Most expensive cities in the world.
• Hollywood: An empire of dreams! Famous legends: Liz Taylor, Robert
Redford, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne and many more
• Authors to remember: Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, John Steinbeck, and …….(a choose your author)
• To be rich or not. Billionaires – a happy bunch!? Key to success
• What it takes to be hired by a western company ( interview tips, intro to corporate culture and much much more ) How to get lucky!
• Luck. How to get lucky!

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