The VerbVerb and Subject Agreement

грамматика английского языка

The Verb

Verb and Subject Agreement

Open the brackets and write the correct fown of the verb.

1. The driver as well as the passenger (be) hurt in the accident. 2. The salt and the pepper (be) put on the table. 3. Not only she, but also everybody (be) embarrassed by his rude manner. 4. Two hour’s study (be) enough for him to prepare for a quiz. 5. Not only the teacher, but also the students themselves (be) tired. 6. He was at his wit’s end. His last sixpence (be) spent. 7. She as well as we (be) highly satisfied with their work. 8. Not only the earth but also the planets (move) round the sun. 9. Two thousand dollars (be) wasted by him in the casino. 10. (Be) either of them ready to go there? 11. Three Comrades (be) a novel by Remark. 12. Bread and butter (be) his usual breakfast. 13. If either of them (take) a leave now, we won’t be able to finish the project. 14. My aim and objective (be) to make English grammar clear to everyone. 15.1 can wait, four weeks (be) not so long. 16. The grey and blue blanket (be) washed today. 17. A variety of questions (be) put to the lecturer. 18. The number of books which we have to read for the exams (be) considerable. 19. A great number of students (be) present at the conference. 20. The great majority of writers, Painters, and architects (be) talented people. 21. The pair (Ann and Nick) (be) so absorbed in their own conversation that their surroundings were of little importance to them. 22. The majority (believe) that we are in danger of becoming extinct because of our destructive policy. 23. The majority of people (believe) that he is guilty. 24. The number of young people entering higher institutions (be) increasing. 25. A great number of books (be) in bad condition because the building of the library needs repairing.

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