Product Launch Leverage: Is It Really A SEO System That’s Worth Your Investment?

As a member of the one hundred Day Biz Builder Challenge, I was just introduced to a brand new product called by Perig Vennetier.

Product Launch Leverage is a training course that teaches you how to “get the jump” on new product launches so you can make some serious income.

But more so, the course teaches you how you can do this by making high value, search engine optimized material that will, with his method, get you placed towards the top of the search engines, which means passive income for you, in the event that the product release is prosperous.

My Initial Suspicion Of Product Launch Leverage

I’ve always known that Perig was a blogger, and if you’ve been following me for virtually any amount of time, you know that I’m A blogger too. Therefore, I admittedly, acquired this product with a bit of suspicion because my preliminary thought was, “What does he know that I don’t?” I also took into account that everyone has different methods when it comes to . The fact that Perig is getting in excess of 20k visitors to his blog per month, and I’m barely getting 10k was enough for me to overlook my suspicion of the course.

My Opinions After Experiencing The Product Launch Leverage Course

After going through the course, I was amazed to learn that I was going about my process ALL WRONG!! I’m presently working with most of the tools that are suggested in the course, but there were a few that I was missing. I also discovered that I had been using a number of the tools incorrectly. So, obviously, it was time for me to jump off my high horse and learn how to do this correctly.

The Bottom Line On Product Launch Leverage

If you’re blogging at all, (and you should be) you should be blogging with the intent of getting your content to rank properly on the search engines, along with, getting interest in the social networking websites. However, the search engines are more important, right now, simply because that’s how you obtain the long lasting, recurring traffic that you hear a number of Marketers speak about. Until you have a celebrity-like following with your blog, you’ll be totally wasting your time if you don’t get this right.

I really believe that the Product Launch Leverage training course will help you with your search engine optimization activities, however, just like anything else it is nothing more than a tool that you must learn from and apply.

It has often been said in this Industry that if you don’t have a lot of cash, you better possess lots of time, and the other way around. In this course, he endorses tools that will require an additional investment on your behalf, if you do not currently have them. He also offers a solution for people who are on a tight budget, but have time to put into action an expense free SEO strategy.

One thing you need to always remember is the fact that it’s good to always be a student of your niche and discover what other Online Marketers are doing.

This is an awesome example of what Product Launch Leverage is about, because it will make you a much better blogger if you apply the strategy to your efforts.

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